A Vampire & Motorcycles & Rock Opera Book!!!!

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A Vampire & Motorcycles & Rock Opera Book!!!!

Postby Deano » January 17th, 2013, 11:40 am

Those of you who know me or have seen me in the last couple months have undoubtedly been bombarded with my excitement for the book I'm writing. It's not just that it's my first book I've ever written but I also recorded a 12 song soundtrack and made 80+ illustrations for it too. I've really gone crazy creating my little world of motorcycle riding vampires.

Well, I finally have everything ready and will be submitting the book to the iBook store, Kindle as well as a physical book option available with Amazon! I'm going to make the iBook available for free for it's first couple weeks so that any friends who might be interested can check it out. I have started a Facebook page for the book so that I can keep anyone interested in the book up to date on formats it's available in. (Facebook.com/riseofthecaferacer)

In so many ways I'm most excited to have all you peeps here in the Improv scene read it and tell me what you think of it. So many of you are writers and have inspired me to even try something as daunting as this task. In fact, as I wrote the Foreword for my book (I know, when did I EVER think I'd be saying that?!) I had kind of an epiphany that I am totally at my best as a person when I am in an Improv theater. Whether I'm on the stage or in the audience, I'm the most supporting, positive and happiest version of myself around Improv and it's the reason I was even able to write a book.

Im wanted to share the Foreword to my book with you all. In it I recount how I came to write this book and am reminded how awesome it is to be a member of the Austin Improv Community.

Thank you AIC!


This book has been created through a series of events, of which a book was the last to arrive.

I never would have imagined that such a detailed world would emerge when I began working on this story, and I have to say that this is easily my proudest creation—combining my music, artwork and storytelling all in one place.

Rise of the Cafe Racer started in Spring 2012, when I was cast in an improvised rock opera at the Hideout Theatre in Austin, Texas. I was so excited to be a part of the show that I wrote and recorded a theme song for it within days of being cast. Unfortunately though, a few weeks into rehearsals I had so much work come in with my design business that I had to bow out of the musical.

A few months later, after my work had evened out, a friend of mine chatted with me about that theme song. It was Mr. Tom Booker, an owner and teacher at the Institution Theater here in Austin. He just randomly mentioned how much he liked that song I had written and asked if I had ever thought of writing a whole musical. I told him how sad I still was that I didn’t get to be in that improvised musical, and that I had always wanted to write a rock musical. Tom’s reply: “So why don’t you just do it? I bet it would be incredible!”
I guess sometimes we just need to be told that we can do anything we want. It was so empowering to have Tom say that... that I did. I took his advice and I just started writing and recording a rock musical. I didn’t have a story fleshed out but knew I wanted something with motorcycles. I had just recently overhauled my old 1980 Honda CB650, had it blacked out and the bars lowered—so Cafe Racers were on my mind.

By the end of the summer I had 12 songs finished and had begun thinking about a staged musical. I was going to use a live rock band in the theater and had decided that I wanted the story to take place in the future with Vampires. I know, Vampires are a bit trendy, but my motivation was mostly what they would look like on stage. I wanted to have the stage really dark, with the whole show happening at night with a crazy Victorian era-meets-future-punk wardrobe for the cast. A very gothic, motorcycle rock musical.

As I began outlining the play, I realized I had an incredible amount of information about these characters and their world. 
I didn’t know how I could create a backstory for theatergoers. 
I thought maybe I would come out and give a few words to the crowd to set the show up but then decided I would probably have to make a pamphlet that would accompany the playbill. I’d give 
a short history of “The Realm” and that way the audience would be up to speed on all the idiosyncrasies of this world.

Well, after a few pages of scribbling notes, I realized that this was probably going to be several pages, and I began to think that I could make a very small brochure or tiny book to accompany the play. So I started typing. I just outlined the story arcs and improvised dialog, and before long I was ten chapters in. It was clear that I not only had enough material for a book, but that I had enough material for additional books as well. The Rise of the Cafe Racer Trilogy was born!

Because I’ve been a graphic designer most of my life I figured I might as well create artwork for each chapter and then maybe add some posters that might appear in the Realm. Then I thought I might as well make some oil paintings of the past and present 
KOTUs (you’ll find out all about the KOTUs soon.) And then I was completely beside myself with joy the day I realized that my book could have MAPS of its world just like the my favorite books of all time, the Lord of the Rings.

And all this happened because Tom Booker told me to do it! A shining example of the power of suggestion. But also having hundreds of improvisers like Tom in my incredible Austin Improv Community to inspire me is truly the reason I was even able to believe I could accomplish this task. Improv has evolved my entire creative process and encouraged me to take mind boggling risks and happily accept failure.

With that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time to read this book. I poured so much sweat and tears into the music and story and would be honored if anyone loved it half as much as I do. Thanks.

Run for Glory!
- Deano
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Re: A Vampire & Motorcycles & Rock Opera Book!!!!

Postby vine311 » January 17th, 2013, 11:48 am

Kickass! I can't wait to read it, D!
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Re: A Vampire & Motorcycles & Rock Opera Book!!!!

Postby Katie T. » January 17th, 2013, 1:01 pm

This is so awesome. I loved reading the foreword. This is my favorite part: "Then I thought I might as well make some oil paintings of the past and present 
KOTUs" I just had to laugh after all you have created, add oil paintings to the mix, too!? It's like Shannon said, You're a force to be reckoned with! Way to f*cking go! So excellent. It was all just sitting there waiting to come out. That's the BEST!! I can't wait to read it too.
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Re: A Vampire & Motorcycles & Rock Opera Book!!!!

Postby Deano » January 17th, 2013, 4:34 pm

Thanks KT. But you know, I use the word "Oil painting" in a very... uh, loose way. I mean, they LOOK like oil paintings but I'm a Photo retoucher by trade :) I tried painting in Art School and is just took too damn long!
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Re: A Vampire & Motorcycles & Rock Opera Book!!!!

Postby happywaffle » January 20th, 2013, 2:48 pm

Dude. This is bad, ass.
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