Casting (or molding) call for your face

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Casting (or molding) call for your face

Postby Saralox » May 12th, 2014, 1:00 am

Hi AIC friends!

I'm following my calling to explore mask-making. I would like to borrow your face for a plaster casting session. I come from an art background and I'd like to study real faces in three dimensions. I'm keeping my options very open concerning my ultimate project. I'd like to let my explorative process lead me to discoveries which will ultimately influence my finished product.

A plaster strip mold takes about half an hour, start to finish. You will have your hair covered in Saran Wrap and your face smeared with petroleum jelly and then covered in plaster strips which will harden. I am a life long claustrophobe and I did not have any issues with anxiety, so take a deep breath. I will talk to you in a soft voice and keep you updated on the process and when we finish, you will get to see your face immortalized in plaster. I can then make a positive cast in another kind of plaster.

A quick note, plaster and hair don't mix well. It's not impossible to cast over hair but it won't look like hair. So if you have a bossy beard, it might be tough. Not saying it can't be done, just that I've never tried. You are welcome to be my guinea pig.

I would be delighted to have your face to study! As of now, I'm financing supplies on my own. If droves of people are super excited and eager to be cast, I will not turn anyone away but will probably make a kick starter or gofundme to help defray the cost of supplies. You don't have to donate anything but your face and about 30 minutes. But If you want to donate funds or supplies, I can make a copy of your face for you to keep!

If there is a lot of interest, I will definitely host a party. Let's get plastered!
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Re: Casting (or molding) call for your face

Postby RFG616 » August 23rd, 2014, 8:03 pm

I'm Totally interested if this is still a possibility. I also have a friend (Makeup/SFX) who is interested in getting into casting also. I'll let her know if something arises;)
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